Main Floor Plan

The main floor has an open floor plan. This photo shows a vaulted ceiling with a light cove, one of the great options available in the ranch units. If you look closely, you can see that the turrets are functional sky lights

Kitchen View From Fireplace

The View

Pictures just don't do the endless views justice, you have to visit us to have an appreciation of our truly breathtaking atmosphere.

Ranch View From the Dining Area

This view shows the open floor plan from the dining area. This model has more windows and a standard ceiling vault.

Ranch Main Floor

All units have a gas fireplace in the living room, which is a standard option.

Ranch from the Entry

You can see that these units have hardwood trim throughout.

View from the Kitchen

You can see all the units have been designed with the lake view in mind. All of these windows supply plenty of natural lighting.

Actual Turrets

They wouldn't be called the Lighthouse Villas without having the turrets. They have windows and lights to add atmosphere to all the models.

Standard Kitchen Layout.

You can see that the standard kitchen comes with many great features.

Kitchen from the Dining Area

From this view you can see the great open plan, which has a few differences from the floor plans above. To the left of the double oven you can see the doorway into the laundry room , which is one of the great design features for convenience.

Master Bath

Roomy master bath with dual rimless vanities, walk-in closet, wood cabinets, jacuzzi tub, tile floors and much more!

Jacuzzi Tube

Looks like more than one could enjoy that tub.

Large Shower

Not only was the tub designed to save water, you should come and see how you will save water in one of these showers. Nice storage cabinet in case you should need another towel.