Beautifully maintained Entry into the Subdivision

Gated Community

Gated oneway Entrance, lighted and landscaped.

Windmill Turnabout

As you enter the subdivision it is marked by a windmill, which is circled by a turnabout. Yes it has a water tank incase your dog or horse needs a little refreshment too.


You can get a feel for the rolling terraine of the Nebraska Sandhills in this photo. The lighthouse does have light in it, but no rotating beacon due to the close proximity of the Searle Airport.


Rustic Lighthouse marks the Pavilion, Picnic and Playground area

Colorful Autumns

Just to the right of the beautiful grove of trees you can see the whiteness of the soft sandy beach


The beach is not all baron there is some vegitation further away from the lake.

Wild Life

Rural enough you can enjoy the various wild life

Colorful Sunsets

Great sunset shot from the lake

Best friend

Your best friend will love the area, even when he is not hunting


There is a list of a few of the great coarses in the surrounding area on the services page.

Great Hunting


There is some nice winds for those of you who like to sail or windsurf.